The Apple Of My Eye 我的掌上明珠
The Apple Of My Eye 我的掌上明珠
My deary,you are my angel! May you grow up happily and healthily!
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A friend told me ,”if you are always afraid of losing face,you will never make progress.”So I take heart of grace to post my exercise here,hopeing you can point out my mistakes.Thanks.



Hard to succeed if you don’t strive


她出生于贫苦人家,父母赚来的钱只够让哥哥读书。可哥哥对读书不感兴趣,总是逃学,于是父母让她每天监督哥哥去学校。她想读书,便躲在门口偷听,后来见老师不赶她走,索性从家中 搬来小板凳,不声不响地坐在哥哥身边蹭书读.解放后,学校收费很低,父母还是反对她去上学。她非要上不可,就自己跑去找舅舅、姑姑和一切能找的人借钱。这次,她争赢了。


She was born in a poor family.Her parents could only afford her borther for studying.However,her brother was not interested in reading and often played hookey,so her father asked her to supervise his brother to school.She was eager for reading,so she hid herself behind the door and eavesdropped.The teacher didn’t drive her away ,so she took a wooden stool from home and listened sitting beside her borther quietly.After liberation,the school charge was very low,but her parents still did not support her to school.She made her dicision to go to school ,so she went to her uncle,aunt and all persons she could find to borrow money.In the end,she won.




During the junior high school,her studies were excellent,so did her gym.Some students did better than her in high jump and running,then she practiced after school till she overtook them.




With such character and belief,she finally became the first female general of air power research base of China whose name was LiuChangxiu.




“let others strive and I get free.why lived so tiredly?” We often hear such words.However,if you don’t pursue anything and give up random in life,you never can get the fruits which need struggle and fortitude.Just like LiuChangxiu,if she had not strived,she would still be an illiterate family woman.




We need not strive for the first at every return,but never let “no striving” become our action creed.


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